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Matt is married to Ewa and has 2 boys, and a dog.  


He has lived with mental health for many years but has managed to work all through this time, thanks to having the right people around him.  After years of mental abuse and some life changing moments, including spending time in therapy, he has now taken his personal story to the public so that he can motivate others to continue taking steps forward in their own personal journeys.  

As a qualified trainer he runs courses for individuals and businesses to give them a better understanding of the impact of mental health on individuals. By taking these courses people will learn how they can support employees to remain in the workplace, contributing to the business's success.  

About Matt

Having worked with vulnerable young people for a number of years he understands the impact of todays world on them.  Delivering motivational talks to groups of young people on various subjects, Matt encourages them to move forward and become as successful as they want to be.